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May 18, 2004

Short Biography

I lived the first five years of my life in Shahrara, a neighborhood in Tehran, Iran. My parents then moved to Andimeshk, a city almost a thousand miles south west of Tehran, in the southern province of Khuzestan. There I went to elementary school and later attended four years of post elementary/junior high school in Haft Tappeh and Dezful, two other cities in Khuzestan. Then went back to Tehran to a high school in Gholhak named Niakan, and graduated from Kharazmi high school in Shemiran, Tehran.

Spent two years behind the closed doors of then shut-down universities, working at a Pharmacy in Tehran, and started studying "English Literature" in Melli (National) or Shahid Beheshti University afterwards.

Got a B.A. in "English Literature" in 1988, and started teaching ESL at the language center of the "Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults". In the meantime, attended literary classes of Houshang Golshiri - a late prominent Iranian writer - to discuss and analyze the young writer’s works presented in the class. Joined in 1991, the "College of Cinema and the Theatre Arts" - as a teacher of English - where I made my most endearing friends: many of whom have now become film directors, producers, critics, actors/actresses and creative thinkers.

Immigrated to the USA in 1993 to continue my studies in English Literature but ended up getting my second bachelor degree - this time a B.S. in Computer Science - from San Jose State University in 2001. Worked full time through school years, in Los Angeles and in the Silicon Valley, first as an intern and then as a computer/software engineer until 2003.

Been freelancing for different computer companies since then.


May 18, 2004

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