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March 27, 2005

Project Report

Today I finished touching up my good old site, raminweb.com. I actually redesigned the entire structure of the site and merged all different parts of it into one multi-purpose weblog. The best advantage of the new structure is that my monthly archives will always look good because if I create a new entry in any of the available categories, the site will always look nice and updated! Kidding aside, all entries are now entered and stored in one database that can be managed, backed up and maintained very easily.
In Music and voice sections, I have started using MP3 streaming Sir Anthony style. He introduced to me the MP3 streaming controller a long time ago but I was afraid putting mp3 files on web-host servers would create problems for me. But since nothing has happened to Anthony since then, I'm going to go with it.
My next project: (hopefully) Podcasting!

Also posted some rather old L.A. pictures here:
The new categories are : Back to L.A.- Mexican Food, miscellaneous, my old jobs, my old places and New Farmers Market.

Aunt Farokh's gallery is also up and running but I should enhance it 'categorically'. Check the site out and you'll know what I mean!

Another very well structured web project that I did for a good unseen friend has almost been shut down for strange reasons.
We shall 'open it up' again very soon.

March 27, 2005 07:39 PM

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